What makes School Art Club the best option for my school?

School Art Club is brought to you by the UK’s biggest single-site digital printer, enabling us to deliver premium quality cards and gifts, in super-fast time, at the cheapest prices in the industry, which means much more profit for your school.

Do you return the children’s original artwork?

Yes, you’ll receive the original drawings back when we send out the Christmas card packs and gifts back to your school.

Can parents, siblings, relatives, friends of the kids and teachers also submit artwork?

Absolutely! The more the merrier! Just let us know if you need extra forms, we will send them out within 48 hours.

Can only schools take part?

School Art Club is open to any organisation – it’s mostly schools that take part, but why not sign up your scout or brownie group, sports club or special interest group. Plus it doesn’t have to just be kids having all the fun – adults can get involved too.

It sounds great, how do I sign up to join this project?

Signing up to join the project and to receive artwork/order forms is easy. Click the orange ‘register now’ button and fill in the details including how many forms you require. It only takes a few seconds! Or for more information, use the ‘Get In Touch’ feature.

Can I request a free no obligation sample/information pack?

Yes. Please use the ‘get in touch’ form or contact us by one of the various methods available and we will arrange more information for you.

The Order Process

Are there any set up fees or collection/delivery costs?

No. There are NO hidden fees or set up costs. It is completely free to join this fundraising project. You only pay for the packs of cards or gifts you actually order. We offer FREE delivery of forms. Freepost return address for your artwork forms and also FREE delivery of finished card packs & gifts. We will use a designated courier at no cost to you.

Can a child submit more than one design?

Yes, of course. Simply ask them to draw on another artwork/order form for each design they want to use, please do not photocopy the forms, as they all have a unique code. If they make a mistake, please discard the old form & use a fresh one. Please also remember to clearly fill in order part.

If I register to join the project do I have to take part?

No. Registering to join the project is completely obligation free. Once you have received your artwork/order forms, even at this point, you can still change your mind, just let us know so we can offer your place to another school. You’ll only pay us if you actually place an order for the packs of cards or gifts.

Is there a minimum order?

Not as such. Parents can order as many or as few packs as they like, from a single pack of 12 cards or 1 mug, upwards, and your school can opt to take part with one class or every class, or the even whole school. Obviously the more pupils take part and the more orders you place, the more money you raise for the school. But we do require each school to order at least order 10 packs of cards or 10 mugs.

When do you send the cards?

All orders will be dispatched within approx. 10 working days after receiving the artwork back in-house and checking ALL details are ready for production. So please do remember to supply spreadsheet, write clearly on the forms and check that the drawings are the right way up, so production is not held up.

What is the cut off point to submit artwork?

The FINAL cut off point for artwork/order forms to be back here with us is Friday 29th November, but we recommend you send it much earlier. Many schools send artwork to us throughout October and the very organised ones even earlier. Remember the cards and gifts will take 10 working days to produce, once ready for production and all names supplied, so please allow yourself time to receive the completed order back, well in advance of sending out for the big day!

What is in the pack you’ll send to us?

You’ll receive a pack of combined artwork sheets/order forms for the kids to draw their artwork on. Each one has a unique bar code on the order form, so please do not photocopy, the form also contains the drawing area. (As indicated.) Along with an artwork guide, a poster for the school and blurb that you can use for the school newsletter or letter to parents explaining the project.

We’ve run out of combined order form/drawing sheets. Help!

No problem. Contact us by one of the various methods available and we’ll send you more within 48 hours!

What do we do once we’ve created the artwork?

Once the artwork is complete and you have checked all your forms are filled in correctly, please post forms back to our ‘FREEPOST – SCHOOL ART CLUB’ address by Friday 29th November.  Please remember you must email the spreadsheet of the childrens names etc to us before we can begin production. You can of course contact us to change the date if you require more or less time. When we receive the artwork forms, we check all names are on the spreadsheet, we scan the designs and get to work printing your orders. Watch our video, which explains the process.

When do I need to register by?

There’s no cut off point to register to join the project, during the festive season artwork forms are sent out within 48 hours of registering, but we recommend doing so as early as possible by at least Friday 1st November to give yourself enough time to receive the artwork forms, create the artwork, organise the spreadsheet and post back to our FREEPOST address by the FINAL artwork deadline of Friday 29th November.

The Cards

What size are the cards, mugs and tags?

The cards are A6 size once folded (printed on A5). They come pre-creased and supplied flat, ready to be folded and a personal message to be added. The mugs are white 11oz mugs. The gift tags come pre-creased and supplied flat, they are 80 x 57mm.

How many cards are there in a pack?

Every pack contains 12 unique greetings cards, each with a high quality envelope. The gift tags are 10 in a pack.

What are the cards printed on?

The cards are printed on 300gsm high quality FSC greetings card board. They have a high gloss finish on the front and are matt inside so they can be written on.

Is there anything printed inside the cards or on the back?

The inside of the cards are blank, allowing you scope for extra creativity! It also makes them suitable for all faiths. Also, it’s traditional to credit the artist, so on the back of the card we print the name of the child who designed it!

What drawing materials can the children use?

For best results use bright crayons, coloured paint, felt tip pens and coloured pencils. Keep any important words away from the edge, as this will not be captured when scanned. Avoid sticking or attaching craft materials which can easily be detached or fall off, like glitter, stick on jewels or cotton wool. See our artwork guidelines in the resources tab for more info.

Fundraising and Money

How much will our school raise?

It depends how many cards or gifts the parents order. For example if you ordered a pack of 12 cards with School Art Club you will raise at least £2* per pack (that’s double the profits of most of our competitors). Our pricing page will give you more information, but as an example, a school of 250 pupils, with a order of just 2 packs of greetings cards per pupil will make £1000 profit.


When will you invoice us and how do we pay?

After dispatch of your completed order an invoice will be processed & emailed to the email address given by you at time of registering, unless you have specified another email address for invoices to go to on our return slip. The invoice will have 14 days credit. We would appreciate payment by electronic transfer, or you can pay by cheque. (All payment methods/details will be on the invoice.)

VAT Return

Great news, if your cards were purchased through a local authority account or your organisation is VAT registered you will be able to claim a 20% refund on the purchase price to add to your fundraising total. For example that’s an extra 50p on top of every pack of cards you order.


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